The Wave

January 20, 2010

Every once in a while a particualr feeling washes over me like one of those waves at the beach when your back’s turned. Despite the daily living ups-and-downs (so much sad news these days), or maybe because of them, I’ve been feeling a creative swirl threatening to pull me under. I say threatening (the word has a hostile quality about it) because when you’re me (and I am) this vibe can be overwhelming. What happens is; the multitude of dormant whims, desires, projects put on hold and dreams waiting for the perfect day to unfold, etc. start stirring. All of them. At the same time. Next thing you know, they all start doing the eye rub and back stretch, after all this time in a numbish slumber, and hunker down to take their position to start jockeying toward the sunshine, that place they all feel they rightfully deserve.

And they do deserve it. The problem is, when they all start slapping me upside the head at once, I get dizzy. Then I’m the one who wants to take a nap. I try to fight that strong current (why is it working against me?) attempting to pull me back under, while I struggle to stay focused on the one (or two) task(s) at hand. (BTW, I chose the one but I’m not telling- just yet.) Like when that wave catches you off guard and you start panicking to keep your head above it all. It’s better to stay calm and focus on breathing instead of flaying in a million different directions. I haven’t quite mastered that stay-calm-and-focus thing when it comes to the various ideas churning away inside of me. But, I have to admit, as frenzied as it may feel, it’s nice to know they’re still alive.


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