January 21, 2010

Art for me is a form of nourishment… I need the land. I need it. I want to understand that state and that energy I have in me, that I also feel in the plants and in the land.Andy Goldsworthy

This is the narration that open the documentary I saw last night, Rivers and Tides, about the awe-inspiring artist Andy Goldsworthy. Goldsworthy sculpts pieces of art from objects he gathers in nature; leaves, lambs wool, stone, flowers, flower petals… He takes these things, forming them into the most breathtakingly beautiful works of art and watching him at work inspires me.

I completely understand what he means about art being a form of nourishment. I feel the same way although I get most of my sustenance from visiting the galleries, watching films, listening to music, reading… I don’t nourish myself enough and I think that’s because I’m afraid of failing. Not wanting to sullying the page I leave it blank. But, I’m working on that. Imagine the various works of art we might have missed out on if the artists had been too afraid to give it a go. And really, what’s the worst that could happen?

Here is a mini clip of Goldsworthy’s work to give you a taste. If you want a real meal try to find a copy of the DVD.



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