2) Musing

February 3, 2010

What is it about being asked a question that can leave me at a loss for words? (Insert static sound here…) I decided to lay down my list for the week today, having a particular theme in mind, but the more I tried to conjure items on to my weekly inventory, the deeper the static drone grew. Since I have about a year’s worth of weeks left to list on, I’ll save that one for another day. Instead, I’ve decided to use a stream of consciousness ramble as my idea for today’s listing inspiration. I thought I’d grab the first word that popped into my head, then give myself the length of a page to spew out as many words as possible with that word I latched on to as the seed. This is unedited and the thing to remember with a s.o.c. flow-fest is that it can lead nowhere, or everywhere, or anywhere in between. I’m not exactly sure where mine wound its way to but here it is:


Inspiration, creativity, proof, power, alignment, fright, fear, lower, keep, open, write, shot, go, allow, poetry, words, flower, bloom, flow, thought, tapping, drumming-the-chin, insight, reflection, speak-it, speak-it, time, exist, here-I-am, stream, words, beauty, constant, thought, sp… , blank, pulling-it-own/out, lay-it-down, must-come-forth, fuse, ruse, no-clues- muse, show-me-who-I-am, myself, and-on, create, vibration.

So there you have it. I thought I might have included such words as: ponder, meditate, provoke, stimulate, contemplate, names of the various people who muse me… But they just didn’t fill the gap today. The page was kinda short and my script, kinda large – but that is okay. There are no rules except, maybe, to keep it flowing until you reach the end of whatever limitation you set out for yourself. . Why don’t you give it a try to see what you can come up with. Set the timer for 5 – 10 minutes, or however long oyu choose ( it will either go real fast or real slow) or one or two pages. You might like to pick a theme to get you going. Or, all you might want to pick up is a pen. For me, pen on paper feels more organic but use whatever you need to get the mind rolling. Remember to stay loose and allow your mind to lead you whereever it wants to go. Spelling, penmanship, cleverness… none of it matters, just get out of your way and let the words flow. You might surprise yourself.

Oh and, finally… I messed it up a little.


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