Tapped Out

February 8, 2010

Over the last few days I’ve deleted over 200 emails from my inbox and I’m not even half way through the job. For some bizarre and unknown reason, I seem to hang on to these messages until it gets to that overwhelming point where all I can do is look at them all, shudder, then walk away. I need a sorting system. Hanging on to some of these messages reminds me of  keeping cards and letters in the days before the internet became the way. Except, instead of a few boxes handwritten notes (and really, how long do we need to hang onto some of those?) stacked at the back of a closet (precious space in my house) it’s wasted gigabytes I’m referring to. I don’t even have a sentimental attachment to most of these emails. I just can’t be bother, at the time, to delete them. Not sure why. What I do know is desktop clutter distracts me in much the same way as the disorder in my house can. Makes me feel all edgy. Speaking of gobbled up GBs, I have over 5,500 shots in iPhoto I need to wade through. I’m sure about half of them can go. The blurry, the similar, the what-the/who-the-hell-is-thats-? I love using my digital camera because it gives me the freedom to shoot as many photographs as I want without spending a mind boggling fortune getting them all developed. But the key is to delete as I go along otherwise, next thing I know, I’ve got over 5,000 shots to sift through. Sigh. I guess I better get tapping on that delete button and clear up some  much-needed space on my hard drive.

By the way, you can read about this condition I’m referring to on page 2,864 of the Procrastinator’s Handbook. Or, at least you would be able to read about it if someone ever got around to writing one. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow.


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