February 14, 2010

Loving my Charley Harper 2010 desk calendar

Ah… February 14th, le jour d’amour. When I was younger I used to adore this day and I have no clue why since I spent most of my time pining for some dude who had no clue (or didn’t care) I existed or was in the midst of repairing my broken heart. I have most definitely had my moments of splendour. But, generally speaking, I was never very lucky in that kind of love, the romantic type, until I met my current heart-throb (and even that took awhile) although my life overflows with love in other ways. Yes, I’m full of it and smiling. The older I get (and the longer I’m in a relationship? Hm… ) the less attractive certain days of recognition seem. Not that I don’t clutch mon petit ami (zeroing in on the ten-year mark. I’m smiling again.) close to mon coeur. These days, all I seem to use this type of occasion for is a reason to overeat. Nice. And you have to admit, one ought to be a bit sceptical about a day chosen to honour the one we love with the initials V.D. Yikes. But, that’s just the way I feel. If you’re the type of person who enjoys spending the day plastering puffy red hearts around the boudoir while lifting the lid off a box of a special something, then please enjoy every minute of it. And I mean that sincerely. Hopefully though, you’re not waiting for the day to tell the one how you feel. Any day you utter the words, I love you, from the heart is a special one. And remember, there’s more than one way to say it.


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