Pushing Up Daisies

February 20, 2010

Last night, Bill and I, in the span of about three months (we had to pace ourselves) just finished devouring all five seasons of Six Feet Under, almost five years after the season finale aired. It wasn’t easy dodging plot summaries and episode recounts (and I ain’t giving anything away here) but somehow we managed. Or, at least I did, Bill wasn’t as lucky but kept the major leak to himself (thank you). I also want take this opportunity to thank my colleagues for keeping it clamped back in ’05, and many times since, every time I shot them a dirty look (or in some cases waiting until I left the room) whenever the show’s name was mentioned, by refraining from spilling the beans. The series was great from the first to last episode and has plunged under my skin like a cool, thin syringe poised to draw blood from my quivering veins. Kudos to the creators, cast and crew. For me, you scored 100%. If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend digging in. We watched the last two seasons in of a couple of weeks so it will feel strange now that it’s over.

I think I’m in mourning.


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