Snap To It

February 23, 2010

On Saturday I found myself skipping across Queen Street East to the subway with my first DSLR camera in hand. Yes… I was sweating a little (which might have been due to the skipping?) because, for me, this is a fairly big purchase. I’ve been dreaming about buying a DSLR for some time now and every once in a while, my irrational side slaps me across the face and takes over. My rational side is extremely important to me but there’s a fine line between what I call “rational” and being an over-thinking-dream-douser. Let me tell you, there are many a flame I’ve tipped the pail of cool, rational water over. I like when my irrational side wins (btw, my irrational will only go so far) because then, at least momentarily, the internal tug ‘o war in my head stops pulling. Buy it. No, I better not. Do it. Maybe one day. What are you waiting for? Shut up. No, YOU shut up. Just do it. Just doit. Justdoitalready!!! All right already, you win. Financially…¬† this is not the best time, but when is? (note: I am not – at all condoning anyone to go into debt or get further into one.) I ended up with the Canon Rebel T1i after reading reviews, asking around and seeing what other people, whose shots I admire, are using – and one I could almost afford. Now it’s mine and I’m happy and I better snap to it because, seriously, have a whole lot to learn. But, that’s part of the fun.


2 Responses to “Snap To It”

  1. Mommy X said

    Methinks NYC will be a gorgeous canvas!

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