February 24, 2010

We had the most amazing snowfall on Monday evening. I had planned to hit he trail yesterday morning, new camera in tow, with the hopes of snapping up a few shots of the snow packed trees and hidden pathways. But, when I woke up yesterday a lot had already melted. By the time I got my Sorels laced the sky was gray and the puddles wide. I did manage to take a few shots but I  wasn’t really feeling inspired. Also, it was raining and I was afraid of getting the lens wet. According to the weather network, Southern Ontario has a few more centimetres drifting our way (and a few more than that) in the days to come. I think I’ll take this opportunity to say what I often mutter to myself with regards to my latest endeavours… There’s always tomorrow.

Yeah, that’s right… I’ll blame it on the weather.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Dennise said

    lots of snow today Kim, start snapping!

    • Kim said

      The only thing snapping so far has been my back as it lifted all that snow (or about half) from my driveway. I refuse to complain though cuz we’ve had it easy so far this winter. I really want to get out there with the new cam. I hope it stops snowing for a bit because I’m afraid of getting the lens wet. : )

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