February 26, 2010

I did manage to slide down into the valley today to freeze a few snowy shots in my viewfinder but, wow, what an absence of sunlight in these parts. Not a lot of contrast goin’ on. I look forward to zooming back down there when the sun is shining. I will say, it was pretty spectacular, even though that might not be so evident from these shots (I almost wrote shits – oops- and really I don’t mind them). I’m just getting used to shooting with my camera and need to play, play play.

Taylor Creek

Curvy Solitude



5 Responses to “Play!”

  1. kseverny said

    you’d think i’d be tired of winter shots.
    But these are proof that i’m not

    • Kim said

      Wow… Thanks! That’s great to hear. Especially since it’s only February. : )
      Actually, it’s almost March. That was quick…

  2. Mommy X said

    Love those shots. Love Taylor Creek.

  3. Heather said

    These are beautiful. I especially like the fact it is “Taylor” creek. The lack of contrast is what I LOVE!

  4. Heather said

    so shapely!

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