5) A Lame Excuse For A List

February 28, 2010

Somehow Sunday has rolled around and I still haven’t posted a list (almost wrote lost) for this week even though my plan was to post one on Wednesdays. Even as I sit here I really have no clue what I plan to write. Now why is that? Well:

  • Seems like when a question is tossed at my head, like a tomato to a tenth-rate-stage-wannabe, my mind fills with a static so deeply humming I can scarcely hear myself think straight (or round, or crooked for that matter). A another good example to illustrate this point might be: Hey Kim, what do you want to be when you grow up? (which, might I add, loses a certain amount of charm when your in your mid-forties). <Insert static sound here.>
  • I have an enormous stack of papers I promised myself I’d deal with by the end of this week. Actually, I told myself I’d deal with them by Monday (last Monday) but have pushed it, and push it,  and push the date forward. Still not done.
  • It’s sunny out and I need some vitamin D.
  • I have to leave the house in about fifteen minutes.
  • Even though I have a list of lists I could consult, I’m too lazy to pick an idea and invest the brain capacity require to make one happen.
  • I have a new camera I need to play with it.
  • Considering I usually have at least one on the go at all times, I’m surprised at how challenging it is to post an even slightly interesting list once a week. We’re not talking: onions, cornmeal, plump green olives, Apollonaris Mineral water, apples., blah, blah, blah… BTW, I promise I will abandon my weekly listing if it ever comes to posting what I need to buy at the market – unless, of course, I can make it interesting.
  • I just don’t have it in me this week to pull one out of my head like a rabbit from a top hat.

Ta Da (Ta D’uh?) I did it. I’m not saying it ain’t lame but it is a list of sorts. I promise (did I just use the P word) I will try to make this coming weeks list a bit more… list-y.

And I should say, even though I’m not a big hockey fan I’m feeling a little bit patriotic so…



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