7) The Art of a Rainy Day

March 24, 2010

Rain boots and tulips. Coming...

Looks like we might actually see some clear skies today, thank goodness, because for the last few days it’s been rain, rain and more rain. But despite a few questionable hair malfunctions it wasn’t all bad. Thought I’d laid down some of the fun things I like to do on a crappy day. Kinda like tip toeing through the tulips with your rain boots on.

Here’s list #7 and The Art of A Rainy Day:

  • This past Saturday, for example, ( a real crappy day here in Toronto) I found myself wandering the halls at 401 Richmond, at the corner of Richmond St W. and Spadina Ave. I love this building with its red brick exterior and creaky hardwood floors. What I love even more are the galleries inside. What better way to spend some time on a rainy day than wandering around creaky corridors? I started out at Wynick/Tuck Gallery (right next to Musideum where the most interesting music was filtering in from). I also visited A Space Gallery, The Red Head Gallery, Gallery 44, then slipped into the dangerous, dangerous place Swipe Books on Advertising and Design where I had to restrain myself from buying everything (or anything for that matter) in the store. The best stop I made that day was at the Prefix Gallery now showing works by Guido van der Werve. I found his three video exhibits transfixing and will definitely revisit before it closes although I’m not exactly sure when that is.The Prefix site doesn’t have much gallery information (they also publish a great magazine) but you can find their hours at the 401 Richmond tenant directory on the link above.
  • 80 Spadina Ave. (just north of King St W) is also a great place to run to on a rainy day because, like 401 Richmond, you can find shelter from the storm. The galleries I usually visit are here, here, here, or here. And, since you’re so close you can pull up your wellies and run a bit south across King St here to see what’s cooking. I’d recommend doing a bit of research first so you know what galleries you want to visit, otherwise you may find your wanderings to be a bit on the aimless (not to mention soggy) side.
  • The Textile Museum of Canada is another great rainy day (any day) stop. I visit the TMC often and am never disappointed. I spend my time there allowing myself to be woven into the fabric of different cultures, eras and artistic expressions.
  • Other wonderful rainy day hideaways include places like the AGO or ROM. Since I’m the kind of person who enjoys strolling through a gallery on her own (for the most part) and (although it might not be great business for the gallery itself) likes to have the space (or at least room) to myself, I prefer going to these bigger galleries during the week and not in the middle of a holiday time period like I did here. But you need to keep an open mind in these situations because yah never know how many hoppers you might run into.
  • If the gallery hopping (even with all those enticing puddles beckoning) isn’t your scene you can always try gazing through a different kind of frame. Grab a window seat at some cozy café and soak up a bit of life as art as you watch the passers-by on the puddly sidewalks, or cars as they splash through the rain drenched roads reflecting headlights, street lights and blinking traffic signals. My favourite café these days is a place called Broadview Espresso, just north of Danforth Ave. They make a mean macchiato. Mmmmm…..
  • Once, about ten years ago, when I living in my much adored studio apartment on Queen Street West (great space – horribly, disrespectful and loud neighbor. Argh), I remember watching a torrential rainfall (I also had an amazing view) as it pelted the park across the road. It was late at night. I was laying in my bed that sat quite high off the floor. The street light shone through my window. I looked down at my arm and gasped when I noticed the reflection of the rain while it smeared down the window pane and onto my bare skin. A light brown canvas with charcoal, steely grays, blues and whites sliding down its surface. It looked like an abstract painting in motion. Awesome… I say, any opportunity to view your own body as a work of art is one to seize. Rain or shine.
  • And don’t forget. A soon as the rain stops grab your camera. The colours are always so vibrant and rich having soaked up all that moisture like the best baguette and fine olive oil. Sop it up and enjoy.

Rain boots and Tulips. Going...


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