Kim By Candlelight

March 29, 2010

I had every intention of hitting the road during Earth Hour, with camera in hand, to see what kind of vibe I could pick up through the darkness, but I didn’t make it out the door. We made sure to observe the occasion at home unplugged and with the lights out. This morning, I decided to click my way over to a couple of sites to find some sort of T.O. Earth Hour experience and discovered what I was looking for, here, at Daily Dose of Imagery. Why am I not surprised he captured the evening in the exact location I had hoped to check it out from – the great view of the city from Broadview Ave., north of Gerard. Make sure to scroll down to the second image and drag your cursor across from left to right.

I also went to a few other sites and read some comments, most of which were complaints. Check out these two comment excerpts from the Toronto Star:

Eco-friendly businesses need some way to signal customers that they are open when the lights are out. Stores that conserve power risk losing customers who think the place is closed.

Earth Hour is dramatic symbolism at the expense of the planet. Millions of batteries and paraffin wax (petroleum product) candles were consumed in the name of conserving energy and a collective feel-good group hug. Please stop this charade.

Hm… I’d hope most people would be able to figure out, during Earth Hour, that a shop with a candle (or whatever) flickering by the cash register was open. Kind of the opposite from having the doors thrown open all day with the heat or a/c billowing out. And, at 8:30 on a Saturday night, most stores are closed anyway. But that’s besides the point. Earth Hour, at least as far as I can see, is about connecting with other countries around the globe, all participating with a symbolic one hour gesture, to heighten the awareness the amount of energy that can be saved by flicking a few switches – off. I think it’s good to try drumming up a bit of, ahem, energy in people. It is up to each of us (no?) to take responsibility and if having a 60 minute global event can boost the moral to do so, what is the problem? Actually, there are probably many, such as, the cost to the city to publicize such an event and getting people to perform in the city square, etc. Not to mention – “Millions of batteries and paraffin wax (petroleum product) candles were consumed in the name of conserving energy“? Sigh… We need to figure out ways to roam through our days without so much unnecessary consumption. I don’t think anyone expects to walk around their homes or businesses, each and every hour, with their lights extinguished. But I don’t think it would hurt to turn to those lights off when you leave a room, either. Or, to douse a few lights in the empty office towers after every one has gone home. Or, closing your shop’s door on a hot day in the summer to conserve the power when the air conditioners pumping cool air onto the sidewalk. Or… or… or…. Isn’t that what EH is trying to do? Help us take note? I guess it’s possible to sit in the dark without turning any lights off. Apparently, the numbers weren’t as glowing as they were last year, in Toronto, with a two percent decrease in participation.

But, you don’t have to wait until next year to help boost those numbers. Practice makes perfect.


2 Responses to “Kim By Candlelight”

  1. Dennise said

    Wasn’t feeling too great on Saturday so I opted not to participate in Earth hour. I needed to be warm and snug with a blanket and the tv on. But, on my behalf the only light on in the house was the glow of the tv and a pvr’d episode of Drop Dead Diva…love that show!

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