8) I Know It’s Spring When…

April 3, 2010

  • I get an overwhelming urge to take hours long walks throughout the city – or wherever I’m lucky enough to find myself.
  • I can detect a faint, left over odour of dog poop emanating from the damp soil.
  • I notice brand new buds on trees bursting out all over after thinking they might never see green again. Swoon.
  • Berries beckon: mainly blue- and  straw-. Not so much rasp- or black- (also delicious but those tiny pits bother me).
  • I want to grab an industrial strength hose and blast my house clean.
  • The fresh air wafting through an open widow makes me sigh (on the up beat).
  • The sound of car stereos blasting through open car windows makes me smile instead of snarl as can (and most likely will) do later in the season.
  • Bird song. Enough said.
  • I realize I have ab-so-lute-ly nothing to wear.
  • Bulbs seem to spring up and open over night.
  • I get the urge to listen to XTC’s Skylarking. (Click here to listen to Summer’s Cauldron from that album but be warned, it gets a bit cut off as it slides into the next track.)
  • The minus sign is missing from in front of the 24 degree temp on the weather station.
  • I can leave my coat on it’s hanger.
  • I realize I still haven’t found the perfect sunscreen (most of them make my skin crawl) which I really need to wear. If you have a handle on a good one please, let me know.


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