9) Welcome

April 7, 2010

A  friend of mine recently gave birth at forty years of age. This is her first child, a girl, and I’m absolutely thrilled for her. I went to her shower a few weeks back with a small group of really swell ladies. Some were mothers -but not all of us were. Some I knew before that day and some I had just met. One of the games we took part in -blessedly one of only two such activities the host (and hats off to her) tossed in I think because, well, it was a shower – had us all jotting down, on a piece of paper, a nugget of advice for the mom-to-be. After everyone had finished scribbling down their words of wisdom each was placed in a pile then read out loud for mama to listen to and see if she could guess which one of her witty posse penned that particular mini-masterpiece. She didn’t guess them all correctly but came very close to hitting a perfect score.

And speaking of perfect scores I think she just hit the jackpot.

So, here they are (along with my 9th list), some hints, clues and words of counsel from a bunch of friends (her own mother included) to their budding (and on that day almost bursting :)) buddy as she prepared to welcome her firstborn into the world:

  • Get all your appointments (dentist, etc…) in the first 6 months.
  • Don’t underestimate how quickly the years will pass so enjoy every little thing the baby does while he/she doesn’t know any better!
  • If the baby cries, cries for a reason, in the first 2 weeks find out what cries mean.  Different cries for different distress.
  • Right from day one your baby knows what he/she needs and will communicate it.  At first you wont understand this language but if you look and listen a lot and be patient with trial and error you will find you understand everything and providing for him/her is pretty simple.
  • Put cabbage leaves on your breasts when your milk comes in. Have a friend put cabbage in your fridge when the baby is born.  Be ready
  • There are two lasting bequests we can give our children.  One is roots.  The other is wings.
  • Don’t be afraid of dirt and germs – they build a healthy immune system.
  • No matter how bad the situation looks at the time, take a deep breath and remember this will pass – doesn’t take nine months.
  • Let go of all illusions of control.
  • Believe in and love yourself!  Let that be what you model for your little one!
  • Make your breast available to your baby 24/7.
  • When your baby/child/kid/teen/adult is laughing with gusto- laugh along with them.
  • Always be honest (to yourself and the little one) and remember if you need anything… you have friends.

All sounds like good advice to me.

Welcome to the world little one. May your days be filled with light, laughter and always love.

And… learning the finer lessons in life with your friends.


One Response to “9) Welcome”

  1. jeanine said

    LOVE this list… roots and wings. beautiful. welcome to the world wee one.

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