April 16, 2010

April 13, 2010 in High Park

April 16, 2010 in High Park

Cherry Blossoms

It might not be June but it’s definitley busting out all over. The sakura (cherry blossoms) are swingin’ in High Park.  I’m no c.b. expert (even though I’ve been going on about them for the last few days) but I think now might be the time to head down since there were still a few un- or soon to open buds holding out earlier today. As much as I love to have a gallery to myself (and let’s face it, these trees, in their glory, are like a work of art) today I had to share. It was like the buzz of the papprazzi swarning around the Sukura Hanami in High Park. I had a difficult time getting a shot without anybody in it. But I was okay with that since it makes me happy to see people enjoying them as much as I do. Now… my shots could use a bit of work. They’re o-kay but I really need to play with the settings on my camera to get the most ideal snap. This white on white business is tricky to make stand out. And, to be honest with you, I need glasses to read (and to see detail on my cameras) so I basically hope for the best when I’m shooting because although I can see the set up of the shot in the distance, I can’t really see the screen so well to know how it turned out. Just thinking about popping my glasses on after each shot (today I took a lot…) makes feel nauseous. I was hoping for something a bit more unusual and interesting at today’s photoshoot. I think my compostion could use a bit of a creative boost and I can’t blame that one on my fading eyesight. I just need to work at it and thankfuly I really enjoy playing around behind the viewfinder. I enjoy getting lost in it especially with such a beautiful subject.


3 Responses to “”

  1. kseverny said

    these are some really cool shots.
    i like them

  2. epicswife said

    Very nice shots 🙂 Good eye !!

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