10) A Sure Thing

April 18, 2010

Sometimes I like to take a chance. I’m not talking about the kind that might seriously toy with my comfort zone (although I’d really like to jack up that number), I’m referring to the more gentle risk – like choosing a film or a play I know absolutely nothing about. Maybe plucking a book off the library shelf just because I like the cover (didn’t someone warn me about that?). How about waltzing into the liquor store to peruse the selection of reds and grabbing a bottle I’ve never tasted before. I’ve stumbled across many a hidden gem this way but I’ve also been disappointed on more than a few occasions. As much as I like to leave it to chance there are days I don’t want to risk it. I might not have the time to spare or dollar to drop, or it might be my state of mind that needs to play it safe. Whatever the reason, I definitely have those days when safe is the way to go. So, if I want a guarantee I’ll be satisfied you might find me reaching for, tossing back or hitting play on one of these things:

List 10 – A Sure Thing:

  • A Joni Mitchell song or album is always sure to rock my work. Especially the albums Court and Spark (where, for me, it all started), Song to a Seagull, Clouds, Blue, For the Roses, Clouds, Ladies of the Canyon, The Hissing of Summer Lawns and Hejira.
  • For a great read my list is long (stay tuned) but if I’m going to choose one, as difficult as it might be, I’m going to say From Harvey River, by Lorna Goodison. Reading this book felt like I was reading about my own mother’s life. Like my mom, Goodison hails from Jamaica and although they have different tales to tell I couldn’t help feeling as if reading From Harvey River was like take a look into where my grandmother came from and my mother’s life as a girl. BTW, my mother agreed and loved the book too. I can’t wait to reread it.
  • Hannah and Her Sisters is at the top of my all-time favourite movie list (stay tuned). I’ve seen this movie so many times I’ve lost count. And, I am positive I’ll see it again.
  • There’s a scene at the end of Spike Lee’s movie Crooklyn (which I’ve seen several times) that gets me weeping. Sometimes I like a good cry.
  • If I want to stop at a café and have a perfect macchiato I’ll pop into Broadview Espresso. Yum…
  • For a bottle of wine under $15 my choice is a California red. Sterling Vinter’s Collection Cabernet Sauvignon (Central Coast 2007). Did I say, Yum?
  • One sure fired way to piss me off is being in the vicinity of an ill-mannered cellphone users. Nothing like sitting in the park with a gentle breeze rusting through the leaves only to be assaulted by some cellphone wielding barker shouting into their mobile.
  • A safe bet to lift a my spirit is surrounding myself with nature. Sometimes I just need to get out of the city even if all that means is to head down to the nearest trail, walk over to the beach or stroll through park. I swear doing this very simple act has saved me on more than one occasion. Heck, even watching all the bulbs explode lately or buying myself a bunch of tulips has planted a smile on my face. Gotta love the simple pleasures in life.

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