11) Ten Things To Do Before I turn 44

April 25, 2010

It's time to start twirling again.

In approximately two and a half months I’ll celebrate yet another birthday and this looming reminder of the passage of time has sent me flipping back through blog-posts-past to the entry I wrote the day of my last birthday. I wanted to see how many of the 44 Things To Do Before I Turn 45 (and remember I gave myself two years to accomplish this unrealistic feat) I have actually been able to cross off. To date, I have slashed through, with complete honesty and sincerity, (are you ready for this ’cause I wasn’t?) only one. Slump…

For this very reason, I have decided to refuel my drive by grabbing a more manageable handful of To-Do-Befores and see if I can get these done before my 44th celebration. The following is what I chose:

List 11: Ten Things To Do Before I Turn 44

  1. Go to NYC.
  2. Begin a new level (I’ve already complete a few) in my French class.
  3. Create a plan and budget scheme for my trip to Europe, in 2011 – and implement it.
  4. Finish (or should I say start) the next draft of the writing project I’m in the midst of.
  5. Get back to the pool. I seem to have fallen of the diving board with that one.
  6. Do two of the following: Paint my dresser, paint the bedroom, paint the back porch area, get photos printed and framed for the living room, paint the upstairs hallway and ceiling, tear out carpet and refinish stairs (ugh…)
  7. Book a trip to Winnipeg.
  8. Go for a five minute run without complaining, collapsing and/or throwing up.
  9. Write (although not necessarily post) at least one sentence a day.
  10. Once a month, do something I’ve never done before. Note: I may already be doing this without knowing it.

Let’s see how this goes. Wish me luck!


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