Mayday… Mayday…

April 27, 2010

Isn’t there a bit about when (or, is it the less inevitable if) you’re down, out or just plain bored and the hands of time start whipping lemons at your head, you’re supposed to pull out the citric pulverizer and make some sort of tasty beverage? Well, it’s soon to get a bit more juicy around these parts because one of my favourite months is only a few days way.

For me, May (if you didn’t know what month I was referring to) is all about the Contact Photography Festival, a month long event, in Toronto, that has been known to bring me oodles (yes, oodles!) of sensory joy. I’m not saying I dig every piece of art I look at but I thoroughly take pleasure in the opportunity to check out what’s going on. Last year, I must have spent hours at the Albert Lambert Galleria in Brookfield Place staring at this exhibit – ten years worth of daily shots of Jeff Harris (taken by himself or others). I was captivated. I just quickly perused the Contact Photography Festival website, here, and my heart started pounding. Nothing like squeezing in a visit (or two) to the gallery on my way to work, or, on a day off, to inject a bit of creative buzz into my system. And, since I just got back to “the office” I think it’s the perfect time to mix it up.

BTW, Did you know, according to Wikipedia,  the distress signal Mayday comes from the French phrase Venez m’aider (come help me)? How apropriate is that? I can’t count the amount of times a talented gallery curator has come to my resuced. Merci beaucoup….


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