12) …ing

April 29, 2010


Reading – Me Talk Pretty One Day, by David Sedaris. Loving it. Like, laugh out loud on the subway, loving it. I keep reading various lines over and over again. So good… I look forward to tucking into his other books.

Listening – A song by Mosaic called, St James, written my the multi-talented Bill Parsons for his album titled, Passing Time. I love this album. And I’m not just saying that because Bill is the Bill I’ve been known to refer to in a post from time to time. Check out at clip of St. James, here, at Mr Parson’s website, Mosaciland.

Drinking – at this early morning hour, a glass of water with lemon squashed in it. Later in the day, however, I’ll be sipping a glass of Apollinaris Mineral Water infused with a touch of Ceres Youngberry Juice. This weekend, most likely, I’ll be tipping a glass of red. Hopefully, Sterling Vinter’s Cabernet Sauvignon from California (about $14.95).

Studying – French.

Avoiding – Working on my writing project.

Sleeping – better than usual. Meaning, I’ve been catching about six hours worth of zzz’s each night over the last three days.

Watching – I just saw Milk on DVD (liked it!).  On television – Law and Order reruns on Bravo (always hits the spot).

Regretting – placing my 300 lbs (exageration) bag on top of a piece of chewed up and spat out sperriment gum, even if it does match the colour of my knapsack.

Wondering – Why someone would spit their gum out on the floor? Uh… Hell-oh!

Hoping – My African Violet springs back to life. She’s looking a bit droopy around the edges these days. : (

Enjoying – These wonderful blogs I’ve stumbled onto to. There are so many great ones out there my bookmark tab is about to expolde. Here’s a brief sampler of some of my recent finds. Schorlemädchen, The Blue Hour, Gluten-free Girl and the Chef, Prickly Pear Bloom, Smitten Kitten, The Purl Bee, The Cleaner Plate Club.

Knitting – An beautiful orange blanket. Still have just over half to go. Maybe by next winter…

Missing – the time to take oodles of photographs. I seem to be in an image capturing slump these days.

Planning – To go for a walk before work this morning so I better hit the road.

Grabbing – My camera.

Going – Out the door.

Wishing – You have an amazing day. Everyday!


2 Responses to “12) …ing”

  1. bill said

    Thanks for the St.James/Passing Time reference.


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