14) Apples and …

May 13, 2010

Not quite one Big Apple - but still...

I’m heading out to the Big Apple tomorrow and I can tell you this, I am very excited. I’ve been back on the job for a few weeks now so it seems like the perfect time to take a longish weekend and slide south across the border for a mini vackay to that place I have grown quite fond of over the last decade, or so. Yes… I had just turned 34 when I paid my first visit to New York. It was my first solo journey of that sort and I liked it. A lot. As much as I enjoy swirling in another persons vibe I’m equally pleased in my own company. Just like my first two jaunts to NYC, I will be staying on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, one of my favourite parts of town. This time, however, I will be absorbing the city with a very close friend of mine. She’ll be celebrating the big 4-0 in a few days (the second pal I’ll be sharing that honour with) and what better way to say good-bye to the good ole 30’s. Our visit will be brief so it will be important to stay calm and go with the flow. There’s so much going on there it will be impossible to take in even 1/8th of the galleries, shops, restaurants and neighborhoods I (or should I say we) would like to visit. I could spend the entire trip restaurant hopping alone and still not have gone to most of the places I’d like to check out before rolling to the airport to catch my/our flight home. I am definitely not complaining about having too many options. I’m feeling pretty fortunate for going on this trip to being with so mums the word on any whining. Even if the forecast calls for showers on Friday ain’t nobody’s gonna rain on my parade. Nuh-uh…

I’ll let you know how things turn out. In the meantime, here’s a list of some of the sights, sounds, tastes and vibes I hope to find myself in the midst of on my weekend adventure. Please, if there are any NYC related must-sees you feel I need to include in my bulging red note book, feel free to let me know. And join me in praying for a sunny Manhattan skyline and a temperature of 20 degrees celcuis (or a little higher) for the weekend. Doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

List 14Things I’d like to do in the Big Apple this weekend:

I wish I had about another week to take it all (or at least moreof it) in, that and somebody else’s bank account. Now, off to stuff the pile of clothes on my floor into my valise then off to work to help finance my adventure.


One Response to “14) Apples and …”

  1. Dennise said

    have a great trip, it sounds devine!!

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