NY See you soon again – I hope…

May 19, 2010

The Mall in Central Park

Marina Abramović @ The MOMA

A bit of Van Gogh on Free Fridays @ MOMA

Waterfall at Lincoln Center

NYC Public Library

Taking Stock

The Court House

Looking up in Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan

I had an amazing time in New York City and the one thing I know for sure is that I want to go back. My bud and I had an extremely quick visit – left Friday morning, came back on Sunday – and we covered a lot of ground. The streets were aboslutely crawling. Crawling! This was my fourth time visiting The Big Ap and I have never seen it so jammed up (I’m talking apple jammed, people). The word jostling came up a few times. We stayed on the Upper West Side, one of my favourite places, but took in Chelsea, Soho, Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side. We even went to Lower Manhattan, a place I hadn’t seen before. We strolled through Central Park, The MOMA on Free Fridays. (So many people. Marina Abramović:The Artist is Present was a highlight for me) and made a quick twirl inside The New York Public Library. I can’t beleive it was my first time in since I happen for be a bibliothequeaholic. I definitely need much more time in that buildig than I was able to give it. I was a bit disappointed that the façade was covered with scaffolding. I supposed the building is being restore. Saturday morning I received a rejuvenating manicure at Bliss57 (The Upper Hand). I seriously needed it, too, because my hands were in bad shape. Sixty dollars (u.s.) might seem like a lot of cash to dole out for a mani but I rarely get my nails or cuticles (they are in bad shape) tended to and feel it was well worth it to splurge. I should have got a pedicure as well since we walked and walked and walked some more. Except when we were eating.

Foodwise we did very well. We went to Sarabeth’s for lunch (I had the grilled salmon nicoise) on Friday and Café Frida for our evening meal (Fajitas Nortenas with corn tortillas). Then, we detoured into Wine and Roses after dinner on our way back to the hotel. Saturday we went to an okay place in Soho (I forget the name as my meal was nothing special) but made up for the mediocrity on Saturday night at our prearranged dinner a Jean-George’s restaurant JoJo’s, on the Upper East Side. This was a flawless evening. Perfection. Deelish. I don’t usuallly eat wheat (or dairy for that matter) but took a chance to taste the mouth watering baguette (still warm) brought to the table pre-meal which I slathered with an absolutely devine smattering (okay maybe it was a bit more than a smatter) of butter. I had the warm asparagus salad for my app, a black bass for my entrée (I don’t see included on the on-line menu) and I ended the meal with an apple rhubarb crumble with a mini scoop of ginger-vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm… I don’t have a wheat or dairy allergy. I guess you can say I have a sensitivity to these things since I find these product a bit hard on my system. But, it’s nights like last Saturday, where I throw caution to the (a-hem) wind and let the chips fall where they may. I’m happy to report there was not a rumble of discomfort experienced after my night of epicurian bliss. By the way, the glass (or two) I had of red wine with my meal was seriously delicious. Sunday, we fought our way through the crowds, in part due to the the Ninth Ave International Food Festival, to Eatery for our last meal in NYC. I had the Santa Fe Sweet Potato Pancake. Have I already said, Mmmmm… ? I should also note our mini snack spot at Pinkberry (we tried out two locations) and the food bar at Whole Foods for an inexpensive breakfast on the go.

All in all (and I think I can speak for my friend here in saying) we had an wonderful time. My only regret was that it went by so quickly.


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