May 27, 2010

Hank WIllis Thomas' billboards @ Spadina and Front St, NE corner.

I’ve been seriously working at packing in as many Contact exhibits as possible seeing that the festival extrodinaire, in Toronto, will be ending, for the most part (a few will linger, check the program or website.) on the May 31st. Yesterday, I took a quick twirl (and in this weather it’s amazing I didn’t melt) around the Queen Street West area. I stopped in at, among others, these stand outs: Angell Gallery and Gallery TPW (I spent a lot of time there), The Gladestone Hotel (3rd and 4th Floor), The Stephen Bulger Gallery, The MOCCA (again. And, why not, since I was in the area) and The Lausberg Gallery. I enjoyed all of these shows especially the Lausberg exhibit of James Robert Durants work. And, to think, I almost skipped it since the time was ticking, I was schvitzing (I love that word and used it many times to myself throughout the day) and still had numerous and unrelated hits to make contact with before the day played out. Speaking of which, I best slip on my gallerina shoes and see how many twirls I can make before clocking into work this afternoon.


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