16) Tick-Offs

May 28, 2010

Don't bug me.

This week’s list was inspired by the pile of raccoon pooh, sitting on my rooftop, that I happened upon while gazing out my window to appreciate the lovely, peaceful sun dappled morning view.

So, setting my usual arm’s length to-do list aside here are a few tick-offs that really… get my goat (whatever the hell that means?)

List 16 – It really ticks me off when:

  • Someone (anyone) reads over my shoulder.
  • People talk with tooth picks in their mouths.
  • When I score a great seat on the almost empty subway, streetcar, bus, train, plane etc. and someone sits beside me. Depending on my mood, them wanting to chat ups the ugh factor.
  • People, usually two or three breast, who refuse to slip into single file when I need to pass them on the sidewalk, forcing me to either a) scale the side of a building, b) jump into traffic, c) climb over a fence or d) punch them.
  • Folks who seem to fail noticing and stand right in front of me as I’m perusing the shelf in a bookstore, grocery store or the like. This mind-boggling behavior has happened on more than one occasion. I just don’t get it.
  • People who put their trash out on a day other than garbage day.
  • Loud cellphone talker in general.
  • People who conduct business on public transportation on their cell phones as if they were in their own office with walls and a door. Slam.
  • People who are conducting business with someone working in, say, a bank or restaurant, than interrupt the transaction when their cell phone rings without either: saying “excuse me” and quickly ending the call, saying “excuse me” then stepping aside and quietly taking it, or, turning off the ringer until the transaction has been completed and returning the call on their own time. Uh hello…
  • My knees create stretch imprints in the fabric of my pants.
  • Cars that idle. This really bugs me, especially in front of school yards and playgrounds.
  • On an airplane (and I love to travel), the person in front of me leans so far back their head is in my lap.
  • On an airplane (and I love to travel), having the person behind me either kicking my chair or bashing the options on the on-screen entertainment feature making it feel as if their playing a vertical version of the game Whack-A-Mole. (Their finger being the mallet, my back being the mole.) Argh…
  • Loud neighbors especially after 11pm (heck maybe even 10) when I have to get up early the next morning (or even if I just feel like sleeping). It is amazing how many people don’t get this and how fortunate I feel that this rarely happens anymore.
  • Raccoons (or squirrels) that dig in my garden, have squealy fights that sound as if someone (or thing) is having a limb ripped off, or climb on my roof and shit on it. I hate when that happens.

I could go on but somehow the time has gotten away from me. I hate when that happens.


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