June 27, 2010

Thought I’d fill you in with a few shots from my meander over toward the danger zone yesterday, also know as, the area where I work, a few blocks away from The Toronto Convention Centre – the bizarrely chosen location of this year’s G20 Summit.

By the time I hit the area the marching was well under way. At first, I stood behind police lines at University and Richmond Street West thinking the rally would make its way down University Ave. However, from a distance, once the chants of justice grew louder, I noticed the crowd moving east along Queen Street. The numbers were high but the crowd seemed under control. It was at this time that I looked at my watch and thought it was time to make my way to the other side of Yonge Street. A major motivator to stay east of the mob was my need to make it to the St. Lawrence Market before it closed. Seriously. Also, I had no desire to be clamped into the swelling sea of bodies. I’ve been pinned in a mass like that in the past and had no desire to revisit a possible frenzied crowd reaction. It was when I turned off, Toronto St, a quiet road two blocks east of Yonge, that I noticed the fire burning in the middle of King, at about Bay. I didn’t realize at the time it was a police car.

I felt disgusted. It was like a fiasco on top of a fiasco – the first one having to do with the decision to hold the Summit in that area, heck, in Toronto, to being with.

Behind the lines. University and Richmond.

Canada Life (building in the distance.)

Heading South

Smoking on King Street West - a few blocks from where I work. Thankfully, due to the Summit, I had the weekend off (although I'm not crazy about the lost wages).


A few blocks over, a person gets shelter from the rain with their belongings tucked underneath them for safety.

And, a block over still, it's business as usual.

Streetcars at a stand still. I walked a lot yesterday.

It is an enormous shame that the efforts of the multitude of demonstrators were drowned-out by sirens and sounds of breaking glass. What will most likely be remembered is the chaos not the causes being rallied for.  It was a ridiculous scene that most likely capsized the efforts of so many to actually make a difference. To those who took to the rainy streets of Toronto, yesterday, to share their voices of concern with both power and peace – I salute you.

By the way, yesterday’s rally, called People First, was organized by the Ontario Federation of Labour and the Canadian Labour Congress in support of groups such as Oxfam, Greenpeace, the  Council of Canadians and the Canadian Federation of Students to give voice to such worthy causes as economic recovery, the environment, human rights, decent jobs and social justice. Issues all worth shouting for.


20) A Year in the Life

June 24, 2010

One year later and still blooming (with a few interruptions here and there).

Today marks the one year birthday of corkscrewcurls. You better believe, some days have been easier than others. At times, when the daily hits count has been way-way low, or when I have a tough time trying to extract something interesting out of my brain to write about, I have to remind myself that, ultimately, I started blogging to motivate myself to write and take more photographs, share some of my work and not be afraid to express how I feel.

In these respects, I feel this place I visit to lay it all down has been a great success.

In salute of corkscrewcurls’ one year anniversary I thought I’d make of list of some of my favourite posts over the last 365 days.

List 20 – A few favourite posts from the last year:

Thanks so much for stopping by.

19) Nice

June 22, 2010

Wish Come True @ The Bay Adelaide Centre

Wish Come True @ Queen's Park

More Wishing in Queen's Park

Wish Come True @ 225 King Street West

Upstairs @ Balzac's Café in the Distillery

Operatic bunnies. I loved these dudes. Great music. Spellbinding. Was kinda dark in there.

Last week zoomed by so quickly. I guess it had to do with my whirlwind visit to Winnipeg and shifted days off but it seemed as if it was a gigantic challenge for me to squeeze everything in that I wanted to accomplish. What else is new? Well, despite feeling a wee bit frenzied and frazzled I have to say I did find the time to squash a few things in and in the process found my frantic feeling self smile on more than one occasion.

List 19 – A few things that made me smile over the last week.

  • Having lunch with my mother, last Monday, in the conservatory restaurant (I forget the name) at Assiniboine Park. The location was great,  food was mediocre, but the company was divine.
  • Popping into as many free Luminato sites as I could manage. Wasn’t as many as I would have liked but seeing the Nabaz’mob, opera for 100 smart rabbits, by Antoine Schmitt and Jean-Jacques Birgé and the bouncy balloonish installations about town, which were part of the Wish Come True Festival, certainly managed to turn my frown upside down.
  • Discovering the bid I had placed in a silent auction during the Contact Festival won. I picked it up last Tuesday. The photograph itself is filled with meaning for me, thought-provoking and in ways quite sad. But the fact that I now own it is what makes me happy. There’s something about this photograph, taken by Benoit Roussel, of displaced Haitian women queuing up to see a physician for the first time in years, that helps me put things into perspective. I feel strength from these woman.
  • The group of teens who asked me if I wanted a note so help me feel better. I usually scoff at these things but was feeling pretty good already so thought what the heck. Some days I’ll take as much help as I can hang on to. BTW, the note (which I forgot about for a few days) said, I hope this note will give you faith to belive and courage to reach to others. This sort of hand out can usually get on my nerves but since it seems open to interpretation I realize I rather like the sentiment of it.
  • The knowledge that I will be getting a cd in the mail soon since entering a swap here. I really look forward to listening to it and vow to have mine in the mail to her by the end of the week.
  • The fact that my African Violet which seems to be going through a bit of a struggle is pushing out a couple blooms for me.
  • That something extremely good happened to a very good friend of mine. So happy about this!
  • I went to see my massage therapist after a very long hiatus. After completely wiping out twice in the last seven months I can tell you my body was so ready to fall under her spell.
  • Seeing the movie C.R.A.Z.Y. for maybe the fifth time. It is a definite favourite.
  • Through the overgrown weeks in my yard (front and back) I noticed a few flowers blooming I had either forgotten about or thought I had lost in the shuffle,
  • Going on the Father’s Day Walk for Prostate Cancer Sunday morning with my sister and very good friend. It felt good to be supporting a worthy cause, honouring all the amazing men in my life whilst giggling with my buddies. What a wonderful way to start the day.
  • My post-walk/ pre-work single espresso macchiato at Balzac’s with the girls on Sunday. Mmmm…

Whatever it is you’re up to today, whether it’s completely routine or absolutely adventurous, I hope you find a way to allow it to put a smile on your face.

June 20, 2010

I started my day at the Father’s Day Walk for prostate cancer this morning. It felt very good to be surrounded by so many people marching for a worthy cause. There are so many, aren’t there? Even though my dad passed away of lung cancer seven (shocking to think how much time has passed) years ago, my sister and I, and now a very good friend of ours, decided this would be a great way to honour our pops.

Whether you shared the day with, or were remembering your dad like I was, I hope you had a very Happy Father’s Day.

It’s been a busy day considering I woke up at the crack of dawn (with a mild hangover at that- not good) to go on the walk, then off to work until the evening. My eyes are about to cross I’m so sleepy. It’s time to lay my weary head to rest. No list this week but I’m going to be bold enough to say I am going to post two lists within the next seven days. I really must be exhausted to inflict such a challenge on myself.

Sweet dreams…

Above and Beyond

June 19, 2010

Winnipeg Internaltional Airport

And we're off.

Wheeeee.... I love to fly.

I heart the praries.

Up, up and away.

With my head in the clouds

Rising above it. Or, trying to...

Just me, a wing and a window and my point and shoot on my way back to Toronto from Winnipeg.

June 18, 2010

A mini post of few of shots from my most recent trip to Winnipeg, taken in the Assiniboine Park Conservatory.

18) I’ll Fly Away…

June 13, 2010

Remember that great Nora Jones c.d. of the same name as today’s post heading? I spun one particular track off that album over and over again, whilst tending to the tender wounds of my ego bruised  heart a few years back and I have to say, I think it helped to fade the black and blues. Just thought I’d toss that in even though it has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m going to write about.

The actual  heart of the matter is how much I love to travel. I know, these days, it can seem like a drag preparing for a flight, having to adhere to the multitude of security regulation. I just chalk it up to the cost of traveling. Sure, I wish I’d (just once, please…) be bumped to first class and I can’t say I particularly enjoy being crammed beside a chatty stranger. But, there are many things I absolutely adore about heading toward a new frontier.

Winging it from Toronto to Winnipeg

List 18 – These are a few of my favourite flight related things:

  • I love that I can get to the airport for the cost of subway fare instead of spending $50 plus on a cab. I usually have one small wheely case and my nap sack with me so, unless circumstances beyond my control prevent me, I often opt to take the TTC to the PIA.
  • I enjoy the pre-boarding process. I’m not in love with the whole security shake-down but I can’t say it bothers me all that much either. Not even the time when I was leaving from Winnipeg to L.A. and it seemed as if I was the only person getting the pat down. I like to arrive t the airport a bit early so that the possible snaking line to drop off my bag doesn’t unnerve me. I then pass through to the other side and possibly (hopefully) peruse some art in Pearson International Airport’s Terminal 1 (Penelope Umbrico’s left over show from the Contact Festival adorned the walls this time). Or, I stop into the magazine store and flip through a few mags, then take a slow conveyor belt ride over the book shop to jot down a name or two of a novel I need to put on hold at the library. (I can’t help it. I’m a  library addict.) Then I try to find a seat, far from the maddening crowd, to do some positive visualizations of an empty seat (or row) beside me on the plane. For a comfy chat-free flight to my destination.
  • A seat with a view. This time, while partaking in the fingernail gnawing process of deliberating between accepting the seat automatically selected for me to another one of my choice, I settle on a seat with a right side view. This is always a crap shoot although I don’t know why since I’ve made this particular flight from Toronto to Winnipeg more times that I can count. Unfortunately I wound up in an in-betweener (more wall than window beside me)… behind a wing. D’oh. In order to look out the window I had to crane my back forward then twist my neck around to see the awesome landscape poking through the clouds behind the silver wing.

    More wall than window. Bigger windows please.

  • Taking off. I really enjoy that moment when the plane slowly courses across the tarmac, comes to a stop and then hauls ass into the wild blue yonder. It always feels like a punctuated moment, transitioning from the same-ole-same-old into something new. Even if that feeling only lasts long enough for the do not unfasten your seat belt sign to blink off, I always feel, however fleeting, like I’m pressing toward something new.
  • I a-frickin-dore pressing my forehead against the window and checking out the jaw dropping landscape below me. I fly at least once a year and never seem to tire of the geometric patterns of an aerial view. The prairies are awesome. The canyons are breathtaking. The multitude of lakes and rivers running through this wonderful world of ours make me ache with the desire to take it all in. Window gazing to spy the Eiffel Tower, Chrysler building or whatever else I can behold on my travels, through that way too small portal, is much more preferrable to me  that watching a film – although depending on the time or length of flight I’m the first to admit the in-flight personal entertainment center is a bonus! Just don’t ask me to shut my window on the Grand Canyon passing below me for you to watch a film you can rent once you get back home.
  • I like being able to absorb myself in a distraction free activity whether it’s working on my screenplay, say, or reading a can’t-put-down memoir or novel – my latest read being the gorgeous and talented Bill Parson’s latest draft of his novel in progress, P Minor Blue. Visit his link at Mocaisland and click on Bill’s writing for a taste.)
  • Landing. At the end of my journey I can’t help but think of the enthusiastic cheers heard at the end of a flight to Jamaica. I can’t say it’s the only place I’ve travelled to when a touch elicits cheers of thanks and a vivid recognition of what an awesome event has just transpired. We just flew through the air people. It’s difficult not to take how mighty an event flying actually is for granted. But, I’ve found on most flights I’ve been on in North American it seems as if air travel is just an ordinary think. Or, maybe there are a few people tucking their enthusiasm inside like I am. Still, I have to admit I love the outward displays of gratitude I’ve witness on flights to Paris and the West Indies over the years. Hopefully I’ll discover more of them in the coming years.
  • One of the best parts of flying, though, is getting to where I’m going. And, a few days ago, on this recent trip, it was my mom waiting for me in the arrival gate. Now, it’s time to go through my arms around her before I get back on that big metal bird.

And… She’s… Off?

June 10, 2010

I’m off to the motherland (Winnipeg), today, for a quick visit and my heart is already racing trying to figure out how to pack in seeing all the faces and places I long for while I’m there – without having a panic attack. I’ve felt a bit scattered lately/again/still and despite the fact (thankfully) that I usually get most of what I need to do done there is still a lot I want to take care of that I’m finding a wee bit challenging to scrape off my plate.

Anyway, I am hoping to post on the road. The real question now is (two hours before I do the final suitcase zip and head to the subway, to the bus, to the airport) is whether or not to bring my SLR. I really, really want to but it’s a matter of space.

Here are a few more photos from my mini series Snapping in Two. You can call it: Snapping in Two – Part II

More windows. St. Andrew's Church. Toronto



And she’s off… I’m off! Crap I’m late!!!

Snapping in Two

June 9, 2010

Shot this from my television screen while watching the beautiful film Silent Light by Carlos Reygadas.


Smoke break. (That little tiny blip in the centre is a cigarette someone left smoldering. Thankfully I didn't sit on it.)

Two toes, Two feet, Two legs...

Making tracks at Steam Whistle Brewing.

You say, Tomato. I say Two-mato.

Too late to post anymore shots. Stay twooned…

17 – :)

June 6, 2010

Not exactly what my morning cup looks like - but it is pretty.

After last week’s listing of some of the things that have been known to tick me off (it’s amazing how many I’ve noticed since that I didn’t mention), I thought I would drop a few that have put a smile on my face these last few days.

List 17 – Smile Inducers:

  • My morning brew.
  • Discovering I’ll be getting a week off at the end of June – once I completely push the fact that I will be losing a week’s worth of pay. Ah… in some cases ignorance truly is bliss.
  • Seeing my sister twice this week.
  • My French class.
  • The scones I baked.
  • My workmates. Despite being trapped spending time in a fairly small room together for that last  million years these three gems have managed to make me smile on a regular basis. This week was no different.
  • Good news from a close friend.
  • Bill (always, even when I’m not smiling.)
  • My new orange t-shirt.
  • My health and all of my senses.
  • That delicious salad I had for lunch.
  • Thoughts of seeing my mother next week.
  • The show at Prefix Gallery. I snuck in just before the gallery was closing to see Sedira’s, MiddleSea and will have to make my way back before it closes on July 24. I’m always happy to see a good exhibit.
  • The delicious guacamole I made. I left out the tomato, chili, cilantro and hot sauce and it was still yummy.
  • Accomplishing a few significant gardening tasks by squeezing them in before I went to work. How I long for a green thumb. Practice, practice. Patience too, always.
  • The fact that it’s spring. Even if it’s raining this morning.
  • The honeysuckle and irises blooming in my yard. Love that!
  • The birds trilling outside my open window.
  • And, my quiet street as I sit here getting ready to meet the day.

Happy Sunday!