G Whiz

June 5, 2010

Emergency Task Force Explosive Disposal Unit. Nice...

Interesting stroll back to work on my lunch break yesterday when I had to take a detour due to roped of streets and numerous police cars blocking off parts of Front St E and Church Street due to two (or was it three?) suspicious looking packages left in the area. Turns out it was a false alarm but I say, better to be safe than sorry. Makes me wonder, though, if this is a bit of foreshadowing of things to come as the G20 makes its way into the core of Toronto later this month.

Bag Sag. Blue for recylce?

Now, is it just me or have the streets of Toronto taken on a somewhat shabby appearance lately. I’ve noticed a few clear and light blue plastic bags sagging off light posts, stepping in for the removed garbage bins on King St W. Also, seems as if I’m hard-pressed to find most roadways free of construction, a definite by-product of the warmer months, for sure, but it looks more deconstructed the ever these days. Sheesh, it’s kind of like stepping onto a freezing subway car dressed for the 26 + degree temperature outside. One must pack a puffy coat in ones back pack to appease the many goose bumps busting out onto their sun-starved flesh. I mean, it’s summer (almost) I just want to enjoy the temperature outside and the streets and this great city I live in without stumbling over or getting smacked in the head by the ubiquitous detour sign blocking my way. Anyway, I’m just venting. I know the roads must be repaired and public transportation must be cooled for the masses. What can you do?

But, speaking of masses…

What I’m really wondering about is all this G20 business. I wonder why they decided to plop such a controversial event in such a heavily populated area. I happen to work in “the danger zone” and found out yesterday I will not be working the entire week of the summit due to all of the security and safety concerns. I’m always a fan of time off especially in these glorious summer months but not working = not being paid = not good. I work at place, not unlike (double negative I know, I guess it’s just the mood I’m in. Haha!) a restaurant, that relies heavily on bums in seats to generate business. And let me add, that in the area where I work, there are many, many restaurants whose business will plummet, many hotels who, unless they’re doling out some sort of danger zone discount, can kiss much sweet revenue from that G20 week goodbye. The message given out to the citizens of and visitors to this city is to stay away from this area where I work. We are being told to avoid it at all cost. At all costs. Hm… Unfortunately, it will be folks like myself who have to pay for it. And, to be honest with you, I really can’t afford it.

I really don’t like whining about these thing because there is so much about it I am not aware of or don’t understand (I am not a news hound) but housing this event somewhere less populated might have been a better idea, no?


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