17 – :)

June 6, 2010

Not exactly what my morning cup looks like - but it is pretty.

After last week’s listing of some of the things that have been known to tick me off (it’s amazing how many I’ve noticed since that I didn’t mention), I thought I would drop a few that have put a smile on my face these last few days.

List 17 – Smile Inducers:

  • My morning brew.
  • Discovering I’ll be getting a week off at the end of June – once I completely push the fact that I will be losing a week’s worth of pay. Ah… in some cases ignorance truly is bliss.
  • Seeing my sister twice this week.
  • My French class.
  • The scones I baked.
  • My workmates. Despite being trapped spending time in a fairly small room together for that last  million years these three gems have managed to make me smile on a regular basis. This week was no different.
  • Good news from a close friend.
  • Bill (always, even when I’m not smiling.)
  • My new orange t-shirt.
  • My health and all of my senses.
  • That delicious salad I had for lunch.
  • Thoughts of seeing my mother next week.
  • The show at Prefix Gallery. I snuck in just before the gallery was closing to see Sedira’s, MiddleSea and will have to make my way back before it closes on July 24. I’m always happy to see a good exhibit.
  • The delicious guacamole I made. I left out the tomato, chili, cilantro and hot sauce and it was still yummy.
  • Accomplishing a few significant gardening tasks by squeezing them in before I went to work. How I long for a green thumb. Practice, practice. Patience too, always.
  • The fact that it’s spring. Even if it’s raining this morning.
  • The honeysuckle and irises blooming in my yard. Love that!
  • The birds trilling outside my open window.
  • And, my quiet street as I sit here getting ready to meet the day.

Happy Sunday!


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