Oh, Canada…

July 3, 2010

Scandal on King Street.

I went wandering around before work this Thursday, July 1, hoping to snap a shot or two of a Canadian flag. Maybe I was feeling a wee bit patriotic seeing that it was Canada Day and all, even though the bitter taste of last weekend’s G – eepers Creepers Summit was still forming a bitter taste in my mouth. There I stood, in front of the Scotiabank Tower, literally two steps away from King Street West, when a security guard from the building approached. He informed me I would have to stop snapping shots while standing on their property. Huh? I thought I was standing on a public sidewalk walk since I was nowhere near the entrance to the bank. Plus, my camera was angled well away from their building. I was photographing flag waving above the next building over. Weird. The guard was telling me it had to do with privacy issues but it still makes no sense to me. Especially as it was a holiday and the bank was closed. The street was pretty much deserted. A man asked, as he walked by, “So, you mean she could stand one foot away on the street but not on the sidewalk?” And the security guard said, “Yes, although I wouldn’t recommend that since it could be dangerous.”

I had no time to argue and what would have been the point? I just wish I could have seen the snarl on my face as I fumed back to the office. What the heck is going on here?


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