22) Breaking it.

July 7, 2010

After my Canada Day sidewalk debacle (see previous post) I decided to lift my spirits by checking out a few sites about town. Even though I worked all weekend, I managed to break the spell of my security guard induced mood slump by popping over to a few venues that reminded me what I love about this city.

List 22 – Kim’s much-needed mid to late week pick-me-ups from July 1-4:

  • 01/07 A quick zip over to Harbourfront on my lunch break to weave through the mega crowds on Canada Day. I made a mental note to revisit here, here, here and when the masses have thinned out a little. I have to admit as much as I love having my own space it was great to see so many people out having a good time.
  • 01/07 Snapping a few shots of Canadian flags and not getting busted.
  • 02/07 Popped over to Nathan Phillips Square (on my lunch break the next day) to see if anything was going on for the Jazz Festival.  I was listening to a few smooth tunes when I noticed the ramp leading up to the spaceship like structure at city hall was open! (been closed for as long as I can remember) I wandered up and meandered through the Podium Green Roof. Loved it. I definitely need to head back for photos one day in the very near future.
  • 03/07 As usual, I stopped in at St. Lawrence Market to do some shopping on my way in to work. Always a mood lifter.
  • 03/07 Saturday, I whizzed over to 401 Richmond to check out a show at WARC Gallery called The Emotion Organ. Check it out here to see what it is and how it works. I heard about it through a friend of mine and I’m absolutely thrilled I went. I love… love… loved(!!!) it. Other than the very helpful person working there, who showed me how to operate this piece of art (I had no clue) I had the space to myself. I was mesmerized and didn’t want to leave. But, of course, I was on my lunch break and had to bust it back to the office. By the way, I think the show closes on the 10th. Sorry for the short notice.
  • 03/ 07 I decided, on my walk to the subway after work on Saturday, to head over to Dundas Square to see what was cooking. I heard Chaka Khan and Macy Gray were playing a free concert. Chaka was hitting the stage just when I got there. She sounded great but it was hard to see much since the place was jammed. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits although I decided to leave early since I happened to be carrying a 30 pound nap sack and shopping bag with me out from the earlier visit to the marché. Also, I was pretty wiped out (but happy) after working and running around the city all day.
  • 04/07 Sunday, in the sweltering heat, I burned it over the Yonge and Gerard to see if I could catch some of the Gay Pride Parade. Since I didn’t have much time (lunch break) but was lucky enough to catch the opening act as the Dykes on Bikes revved by the intersection.
  • Add all of that to the fact that I work with the best people on the planet and you have the makings of a wonderful way to kick off the month of July in a great city.

Canada Day. Flag waving.

Ramping up at City Hall

Checking out the cows at Harbourfront

Free Chaka Khan concert and the crowds @ Yonge/Dundas Square.

Gay Pride Parade


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