Miles of Miles

July 10, 2010

Yesterday, Bill and I paid a visit to La Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal to check out the Miles Davis Exhibit swinging there until August 29, 2010. I’ve been to Montréal a few times (I love this town) but have never visited the gallery before. So much to see – I think. We were at the gallery for just over three hours and spent the entire time checking out the miles of Miles on display. I would have liked to have seen more but one’s gallery brain does tend to get a bit full after a while (especially when the a/c is cranked to frigidity, something I’ve noticed in other large galleries before. Brrrr……) making it difficult to peruse the permanent collection or other exhibits on display. But that’s just the way it goes. You have to budget it more than one visit to a place like that (and pack a puffy coat) particularly when you’re trying to sift through the life of a cat like Miles Davis who had such an amazing career. There were moments, like watching him lay down the soundtrack for the Louis Malle film, Ascenseur pour l’echafaud a.k.a., Frantic, the recording of Kind of Blue (one of my favourite albums) and listening to the soundtrack for Porgy and Bess, when tears came to my eyes as I absorbed the absolute genius of Davis and the ridiculously talented (ridiculous, in this case, meaning seriously gifted) musicians he grooved with throughout his career. If you’re in Montréal check it out, man. Crazy.


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