Art at Harbourfront

July 17, 2010

What are you looking at?

I took a quick stroll over to Harbourfront on Wednesday and dipped in to see what was shaking at the Visual Arts at York Quay Centre. There is often some interesting art adorning the walls there and this visit wasn’t any different. I especially loved Amalie Atkins quirky videos Three Minute Miracle and Scenes From a Secret World. Harbourfront Centre is turning into one of my favourite places these days since I can walk there from where I work in about fifteen minutes. It’s so much easier to get there than it used to be. I used to view the place as a bit of a wasteland but it’s getting so much easier to bask in the sunshine on the shore of Lake Ontario, then duck into a gallery or two (don’t forget The Power Plant Gallery– Free admission for the summer!!!) to catch some cool air and art without breaking a sweat. They’ve also got plenty to look at outside just in case you feel like spending as much time as possible in this sunny, summer weather. Lap it up while you can.


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