23) Top 5 (no, 6!) Before I Turn 45

July 18, 2010

Still twirling...

One year ago today I posted one of my first lists on corkscrewcurls, 44 Things to do Before I Turn 45. It comes as somewhat of a shock (or does it?) to see the number of items I have yet to strike a wide, bold line through. True, I did give myself two years to accomplish as much of the list (almost typed lost. Hm…) as possible but, I have to say, I am feeling a touch disappointed in myself for not having knocked off a few more. With 365 days left, that is, one more year until I reach my scary age – the age I fear I will be measuring myself with that harsh and unblinking eye of judgment. (gee, I can’t wait) to make it all happen, I thought I’d set the bar a wee bit lower at a more reasonable, more attainable height. The last thing I want to feel during the days leading up to my 45th is a looming sense of disappointment at all I’ve failed to attain.

That being said, here they are:

List 23 – The top 5 Hope To Do’s Before I turn 45:

  1. Learn to speak French enough to carry on a conversation, or, watch a french film without using subtitles (I am working on that one although sometimes it seems difficult to believe I’ll ever get there. I won’t give up!)
  2. Visit Europe: Amsterdam, France, England, Spain, Italy… No exactly sure what stops I’ll make but I know I want to travel there.
  3. Finish my writing project. (Slow going these days but I’m determined, I swear.)
  4. Swim for ten minutes without stopping or drowning. I think this means I need to actually get back to the pool, a place I’ve not dipped my toe in since November.
  5. Enjoy what I do to make money and make more of it. And, I think I’ll add a sixth to the list…
  6. Acquire more energy. I’m feeling pretty drained these days.

I truly hope I am able to achieve as much on my original list as possible but I vow to do my best (oh please, Kim, please…) to make these top 6 a reality.


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