Yield to it

July 31, 2010

I’m not really in the mood to write today. (So then why am I? Sigh… So many questions I long to find the answers for.) I’ve been off from work all week and have only two and a half more days (but who’s counting) before I need to head back. Bill and I took to the road on Thursday for an overnight in Owen Sound. We had a great time. We hoofed along part of the Bruce Trail and, yesterday, headed over to the Mono Cliffs on our way back into T.O. It was wonderful to get away even for only one night. I’m feeling a bit aimless now, though. Not a feeling I’m exactly enjoying either, despite the absolutely glorious weather conditions. Sometimes, I find it difficult to relax, feeling guilty if I’m not accomplishing more (ugh…) productive. I have so many lists  I’d like to whittle down into one big heap of have-dones. Speaking of which, I have not posted this week’s list yet with one day to go before I implode.

I think I’ll just need to give in and relax already. I’ll drag my sorry self out there and enjoy the rest of the day without attaching any expectations to it. So there.

I’m going to head over to my Saturday market ritual a little later in the day then usually. Maybe I’ll score some cut-rate prices on produce or fish since the market is closed on Sunday and Monday and has been known to offer a deal or two later in the day.

Before I forget, (as I did yesterday. What can I say… I was on the road.) here’s my word for the day:

Blithe adj, – joyous or merry in disposition. 2. without thought or regard; carefree; heedless. (Hm, sounds just like me!)

I walked with a  blithe step toward the market despite having oodles of French verbs to study and conversations en française to decode.


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