25) Picture This…

August 1, 2010

Day one and counting...

I’m not exactly sure where my love for photography comes from but, as one of my friends commented recently, in response to one of my recent Facebook status updates – I shouldn’t question, just enjoy. The love affair started slowly after I bought (or was given?) the first camera I recall owning, a Kodak Disc, remember those? The Kodak disc didn’t take the highest quality of photographs, all the pictures turned out murky and grainy – but I loved it. I snapped here and there for years with no real zeal other than the simple enjoyment of capturing those special moments with family or friends – reason enough to grab a camera and take aim. A turning point came after I bought a Pentax ME Super from a friend. Now that camera moved me. I used to shoot in mainly black and white and took her (it was definitely a she) everywhere I went, despite its heavy weight, tipping the scales further once I twisted a zoom lens onto her boxy form. I took a few photography classes and was known to book time at my local darkroom where I’d spend an evening or two a week traversing the unlit labyrinthine corridors, trying not to bump into anyone on my way to the machine that gobbled up my undeveloped sheet of photographic paper and spat out my creation, in a matter of minutes, at the other end. I still have that camera, and the one I bought after that (a Canon EOS 1000F) although I never use them anymore. I’m sure I still have some unused film stashed in my old and well-worn camera bag. I should shoot them off sometime soon. These days, with my digital cameras, film for me has been left behind. It took me a while to warm up to it but I love shooting digital. I do not consider myself a great photographer although one day I’d love to improve my aim – ah… aspirations. I’m not saying I haven’t taken a few good shots but I have a loooong way to go. And, I’m not putting my self down, facts are facts. One day I hope to take a knock out, jaw-dropping  photograph (or two). As they say, the joy is in the journey and I’m on my way.

List 25 – Some of the reasons why I keep snapping:

  • Photography keeps me in the moment. There’s something about looking through that viewfinder that forces me to focus on what’s in my frame while tuning everything else out. Even if it’s only for as long as it takes for the shutter to open and close, I appreciate the respite from the daily chatter.
  • When I head out with my camera I find myself looking for a shot. I love this because it makes me truly take in what is happening around me, engaging all of my senses. I adore my senses.
  • The best rationalization of having bought myself the Canon Rebel T1i is to use it. And I have been.
  • It feeds my desire to meander around the city, steering me to events or scenes I may have otherwise avoided missed. (Blogging has opened me up to checking out new things too. Fabulous.)
  • It’s lead me to places such as this, this and this, and on and on… So many great galleries in this city and elsewhere.
  • My love of photography has also steered me to events such as this (love this) and this. (I love this one too).
  • It’s drawn me to these many snap happy blogs: like, here, (and pretty much anyone on her blog roll. I love perusing her faves.) and here. These two are daily hits. I find them inspiring. There are a lot of great blogs out there.
  • One of the best things about shooting is it has kept me sane. There have been a few (maybe more than a few) moments in my life when batting my eyelashes against the viewfinder has helped lifted out of a low spell.

A small list, I know, but it is getting late in the day and they are pretty good reasons if I must say so myself. I was about to self-suggest I jump on the one-shot-a-day band wagon one more time, to liven things up, when I noticed, this, (via Jeanine’s site wonderings and wanderings, thanks once again for the inspiration jc!) and now the seed has been planted. I actually think I’m going to hook up with the group for The August Break, 2010 even though I am a wee bit terrified to join ranks with of some of the others who have decided to give it a go. Nothing like raising the bar a little. And I’m off…



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