Rescue Remedy

August 14, 2010

Rescue Remedy

The August Break – Day 14
Hanging out at Harbourfront on my lunch break.
Speaking of being rescued… I’ve been watching seasons 1 – 3 of the series Rescue Me (for the second, or is it the third time?) and talk about hot. This has got to be one of my favourite television shows. Dennis Leary (swoon) and the crew (a few more swoons there also), regardless of how over the toply (new word) offensive they all might be (definitely part of the charm) really hit the spot. I just bought season four and am looking forward to digging in.
Word of the day.
Premorse \ pri-MAWRS \ adj. 1. Pertaining to the end of something irregularly shortened, as if bitten or broken off.
In high school, I tried not to take my premorse relationships personally but it was difficult judging by the protracted romances of all my friends.

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