28) Summer Fun

August 21, 2010

Breaking down the barriers

The August Break – Day 21


I’m sitting at my desk this morning with a light sweater pulled over my shoulders. Huh? I know we have a few more weeks before the leaves start to fall but this wee nip in the air feels reminiscent of… fall? I’m thinking this familiar sensation has arriving a bit too soon. Jeanine C over @ wonderings & wanderings seems to agree and is having a mini freak out of her own over this mid-August reminder that our summery days are numbered. She poses this question in her latest post – What are some of the fun things on your list of to do’s this summer?

Well, here is my response.

List 28 – Summer to do’s in four weeks or less. Yikes!

  • Sit in my backyard with a stack of magazines; the breeze and the birds as my soundtrack. Glass of wine or tall glass of lemon infused Appolinaris mineral water – depending on the time of day – on hand.
  • Finish (or should I say, start?) draft three of “the writing project”. This may not sound like oodles of fun but that feeling of a large boulder sucked out of my head, I’m sure, leave me feeling soooo much more buoyant allowing me to float above the gigantic barrier preventing me from moving forward. Ah…
  • Sit on the patio at Rooster Coffee House, on Broadview Ave, opposite Riverdale Park to check out their macchiato and take in the awesome view. I’ve never been to this café before but it looks so inviting.
  • Finish working on my backyard.
  • Spend a few days outside of the city in some cozy, well-stocked chalet.
  • Swim in a crisp and clean lake on a hot day (or two).
  • Get to the pool (how many times can I mention this?) and pick up my swimming routine while it’s nice out. I prefer to go swimming in the morning and it picking up a routine that much more difficult when the sun doesn’t rise until 8pm.
  • Drive out of the city to star-gaze.
  • Shoot some photos in a place or two I’ve never been before – preferably out of the town.
  • Go on a date (or two) with my Penatx ME Super and snap off all of the left over film I have (which must have expired years ago).
  • Go on a bike ride (or two). Update: since I started compiling this list, yesterday morning, I went for my first (and rather long and hill-ish but very satisfying)  ride of the season. A perfect day for it.
  • Maybe on a rainy day… Spend some time checking out some of the amazing photos on Flickr as part of The August Break. or peruse some of my favourite blogs. Lately, I haven’t had the time to dig in the way I’d like to.
  • Eat as much fresh produce as possible: Tomatoes and Peaches and Berries – Oh my!!!
  • Take time off work. Always fun despite the money thing.


Word of the day.

This one sounds as if a similar word was used not long ago. I’ll have to check the archives. Anyway…

Foudroyant  \ foo-DROI-uhnt \ adj.   1. Overwhelming and sudden in effect. 2. Pathology . (Of disease) beginning in a sudden and severe form. 3. Striking as with lightning.

She felt shocked by the foudroyant flow of tears but understood, at her deepest level, saying good-bye was the right thing to do.


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