Keep It Together

August 22, 2010

The August Break - Day 22

Queen Anne’s Lace up against the crumbling, brick walls of The Corran Ruins (McNeil Castle) located along the Bruce Trail.


Word of the day.

Gormandize – \ GAWR-muhn-dahyz \  , v;  1. To eat greedily or ravenously.

I watched as they gormandized the lavish spread, not bothering to taste the food they were eating, while my heart sank thinking of those in need.


I have an idea… If you took one item you don’t really need to spend money on within a day, a week or a month (maybe it’s that second coffee you buy out of boredom, a bottle of wine, a magazine. Whatever, wherever….) and put the money in a jar for a spell until it accumulates $20, $40, $100. Then you take that money make a donation to a worthy cause. I am not talking about putting a second mortgage on the house or going without in a serious way. All I’m saying is, maybe the next time you reach for an item that is pure filler, you could redirect the funds to a worthy cause. Where do you begin? Think of places like Pakistan, Haiti and of the people who are living in such devastating conditions. Or, you could flip a couple of bills to that person on the street you pass everyday. Whatever, wherever, whomever. It doesn’t have to be a lot – but it can be if you can spare it. There is so many people out there in real trouble who could use a hand. I know there are so many reasons not to (but are there really?) and that a lot of us are struggling to make it through the day. I know… But if you think you can manage to reroute a few dollars to one of the many, needy folks and/or places out there, why not give it a go. Don’t wait for someone else to pick up the slack. You can make a difference. Every dollar counts.

Just a thought…



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