August 31, 2010

The Mighty

The August Break – Day 31

I was too knackered yesterday to make anything more the August Break photo appear. Speaking of which, today is the last day of the month meaning, among other things, this particular photo collective will officially come to a halt in a few hours. Not to worry. I read a couple of comments from the group that showed interest in it continuing. although under a new name, and I hope to jump on that band wagon. I’m also hoping to spend some extra time perusing the photos shared over the last month. I’ve had a few too many rushed days to do anything more than post a my shot but I’d really love to dig in when time permits. I  have seen some amazing shots and I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my photos with these talented people. It has been quite an inspiring experience. Check it out for yourself.  The August Break.

I’m off from work for the next three days and hope to make the most of it. Bill and I plan to hop into the rented Auto Share car and head head out of the city to beek for awhile on this hot and sunny day and hopefully get into some playful shenanigans while we’re at it.

Picture(s) to follow. (see above)

Allons y!

Word of the day.

Beek. \ BEEK \  verb. 1. To bask or warm in the sunshine or before a fire. 2. (Of wood) to season by exposure to heat.

Word from the day before.

Shenanigan. \ shuh-NAN-i-guhn \ noun. 1. Mischief; prankishness. 2. Remarks intended to deceive; deceit. Often used in the plural.


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  1. Mommy X said

    Hope you’re having a fabulous time!

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