September 4, 2010

Pears of inspiration.

Did I mention I made a fabulous pear bread the other day? Actually, the “bread” seemed more like a loaf. But, regardless of what you want to call it, it was easy to make and absolutely yummy. You can find the recipe, here, at Smitten Kitchen. Her entire website looks pretty dee-lish so I recommend digging in, especially if this early September dip in temperature (wtf?) is inspiring you pull on a pair of oven mitts and crank up the oven dial. My latest baking endeavour was inspired by a hefty gift of the pears from a friend’s fruit laden tree. (Thank you friend!) The day I pulled my loaf out of the oven it was about 30 degrees C outside. But what can I say? I do like it hot.
Now, I have to admit I’ve been feeling a touch “off” these last few days. Maybe it’s the aforementioned dip in temp. Or, perhaps it has to do with going back to work after having been off for a few days (I’m off again next week. Is there no pleasing me?). It could also be connected to the work I’ve done trying to make my work space more inviting (again) or my attempts to dislodge my writing project out of my head in order to transform draft two into a tighter, leaner, smoother, draft three (ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease). Now that I think about it, it could also be related to finishing season five of Rescue Me, all twenty-two episodes. We really blitzed on it and now that we have to wait for season six to come out on dvd (the best way to watch a series in my opinion) I may start going through withdrawal. I’m not so good with this cold turkey shit even though that’s how I quit smoking all those years ago. A show like Rescue Me makes me all itchy, wishing I had followed the fluttery, flapping winged route of my dreams. But that’s for another entry.
Word of the day.
Degagé. \ dey-gah-ZHEY \  adj. 1. Unconstrained; easy, as in manner or style. 2. Without emotional involvement; detached.

I strive for a nature less harnessed by the past; more degagé, free-flowing and directed toward what lies ahead.

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