September 7, 2010

Thought I’d share this Joni Mitchell (swoon) clip since I’m heading out to California tomorrow for a few days. I realize this is not the most attractive stop-motion shot of Joni here (why doesn’t it show the opening shot? Argh… ) but once it starts playing it’s magic. I’ve been to California (L.A. specifically) a few times but it’s been awhile. I have a some very good friends who live there and am completely looking forward to my return.

I may, or may not, post while I’m away. I’ll play it by ear. Wish I could do the same with that lovely dulcimer Joni’s strumming.

Word of the day.

Kenspeckle – \ KEN-spek-uhl \ adj. 1. Conspicuous; easily seen or recognized.

I wonder if I’ll spot any kenspeckle stars while I’m in L.A. or if I’ll only see the sun-glassed, tilted-hat variety.


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