September 16, 2010

A winding drive through the mountains.

I had a wonderful time in LA LA Land but now it’s back to reality. I arrived on the red-eye early Tuesday morning with a crick in my neck due to a) twisting my head to star-gaze and see the sparkling night lights flickering below me through the bizarrely located and in-between angled, neck craning windows.  (Wazzup with that Air Canada?)  and b) involuntarily doing the fatigue induced, head bobbing snap-back which unfortunately did not yield much snooze time at all. Oh well. I did have all day Tuesday to get it together before headed back to work yesterday. It was not the smooth welcome back I was hoping for. No, I did not have a great day. But, I guess it could have been worse. That’s me looking on the bright side, as usual.

Speaking of usual, I seem to be falling behind. I have a zillion things I need to focus on before I head out the door into this rainy Thursday. Today has bad-hair-day written all over it. I will keep the word count short. I’m hoping to return to my lists and my word-of-the-day soon. I have to say, I have missed listing and wording but need to clear the fog out of my head from this leftover post-vacation lag. It’s time to pull my head out of the clouds (or elsewhere) and get on with it. I can already see some blue sky ahead.

California Highway


2 Responses to “Lagging”

  1. bp said

    My next album cover.

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