Just Breathe

September 21, 2010

Calm Blue...

Lately, I’ve been busy/crazy (or, is that crazy/busy? No matter – both work.) which is why I have tried to steer my gaze away from this computer screen for the last few days. I miss it here but whenever I sit down to blog, surf, Flickr (yes, I’ve used that as a verb) or all three simultaneously (do not try this without medical supervision) time floats away and I’m left stranded, bouyless, with that sagging pile of want to’s tilting away from me.

I am determined to list this week, resume the word-of-the-day and to start posting a daily shot on Flickr – all things I enjoy. However, I must try to tighten my hold on that ball I keep dropping. Yes, that ball. And actually,  I don’t believe I’ve let it go, I just haven’t figured out how to hold it properly. It feels like I’m holding a baseball when there’s a football in my hand. Try to toss that one out there. All the time it takes for me to work out how it’s done.  How do people do it? Those of you that can (or seem to) juggle the various tasks you yearn to accomplish without dropping the ball, volleying it away from you in a mild frenzied panic (oh, the memories of high school gym class) after someone hurls it in your direction and/or crumpling into a teary mass on that floor you keep meaning to polish? Sigh…

Calm blue ocean… Calm blue ocean…. Calm blue ocean…


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