32) Thanks, eh!

October 11, 2010

I am so thankful for the consistently good macchiato I get at Broadview Espresso here in T.O. Mmmm...

I am feeling pretty thankful today especially for my ability to have so much to feel thankful for. Here is a peek at a few of those things.

List 32 – Some of what I feel thankful for:

My mother, my father, Bill and my sibs and the magnificently twisted and curving branches of my family tree. My pals (the best!), my health (in every sense of the word). The people I work with in that teeny-tiny space (see family and pals) as well as the few work-related-jewels outside the confines of those 100-year-old (plus) walls. My job and that amazingly-perfect-for-me new one just around the corner (even though I have absolutely no idea of what or where it is, or, how it will find me. Any ideas? Let me know.). The roof over my head. The food on my table. The soon to be ready pumpkin square and its scent wafting up from the oven (so easy to make – recipe to follow since it is no longer available online). The drink in my glass (which is, thankfully, looking to be half full at the moment). Each and every one of my senses (thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!) A really great macchiato. My love of art in all its many forms and the strong pull I have to seek it out. My desire to take photographs. My cameras (Canon Rebel T1i and Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ2 – Love them!). Some of the wonderfully produced shows on (or once were on but I’ve only recently discovered on) television: (Rescue Me, Six Feet Under, Summer Heights High, Law and Order to name a few) because, really,  there is so much crap out there. My love of travel and all the the stops I made this year (and all of the to journey to come). My French teachers (I’ve had four of them since I started almost a year ago!!!). All so different. All so swell. Smooth connections on the TTC. Connecting with nature and being fortunate to live a ten minute walk away from one of Toronto’s best trails. What I’ve accomplished on “the project” (I’m not trying to be too secretive but I suppose I’m a bit superstitious). Great reads like The New Yorker Magazine (and a special nod of appreciation to the friend who passes along copies from his subscription after he’s finished reading them. Makes it feels like Christmas numerous times a year.) and Granta Magazine. Great books, Frabjous films, Sumptuous songs, Alluring art. My creative inspirations. When I follow through on my creative inspirations. That I live a ten minute walk from a public, indoor swimming pool (and even more grateful for when I actually use it. Living in Toronto. The city often gets a bad wrap and is definitely not perfect (what city is?) but this town has so much to offer and a load of potential and after living here for almost 25 years (gasp! how the time does fly.)I am happy to call it home. Each breath I take and expel. Every cell in my body. My ability to feel (the ability to laugh and cry and everything in between). One of my brothers visiting on his way to  new job in the States and being able to spend the day with him. The interesting strangers (i.e. bloggers) I visit on-line daily and those who stop by here. And, of course, many thanks to all of my sponsors – my biggest (and possibly only?) one being me.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks for stopping by.


2 Responses to “32) Thanks, eh!”

  1. Mommy X said

    I love that post. I’m thankful you’re my pal…actually I’m thankful you’re my best pal!

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