A Little Perspective

October 24, 2010


World Press Photo 10 Exhibit


And, another perspective



And, another one...


I stumbled upon The World Press Photo 10 Exhibit at The Allan Lambert Galleria, in Brookfield Place, yesterday and managed to check out some of the winning photographs on display. I will definitely make my way back before it closes on October 28th to see the photos I had to skip due to lunch hour induced time limits. This is a very strong exhibition featuring photojournalistic photography in its many forms. I recommend checking it out, although, I warn you, some of the shots are difficult (very difficult) to digest. That being said, I feel it is important to bear witness to life outside our personal viewfinders (and possibly comfort zones) which is one of the reasons why an honest representation of daily living around the globe has such great significance. It really does put life into perspective, reminding us of many things including: how beautifully amazing life can be, how complicated and confusing it is at times and certainly how very fucked-up it can and, indeed, has become.


I think I will take this opportunity to rain a whole lot of Peace, Love, Good Health and Happiness aplenty to all. Also, a big shout out to all those folks who put themselves in risky situations to let us know what’s going on.



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