33) It’s Magic!

October 31, 2010

Niagara Falls, Ontario

On this Halloween Sunday I thought I’d make a mini-list about some of the magical moments in my life.

List 33 – Magical Moments:

  • Staying at the house of a recently met friend in Ubud, Bali with my sister and two blokes from the U.K back in 1990. I had never seen a place so lush and beautiful before, wedged on the hillside of paradise. We stayed up all night as two bats dance by a light in the corner of a wide veranda and watched the sunrise over the rice fields in the morning.
  • Performing a scene in one of my acting classes about 3,000 years ago (or so it seems), becoming completely lost in my character (Rita, from Educating Rita), then snapping out of it at the end of my scene to a round of applause by the fellow classmates and instructor – something that didn’t happen much in that class. I’m not sure who was more shocked by my performance them or me?
  • A particular moment at a Joni Mitchell/Bob Dylan concert (which, according to a quick scan of the internet occurred in 1998 – gasp!) when, during Dylan’s set at The Maple Leaf Gardens, he and his band strummed a tune with such mighty connectedness I felt like I was floating on air. The way they hit those strings sent a shiver up my spine and seemed to pluck from the crowd setting me on a smooth, cool wave of sound and spirit. It might have been Gordon Lightfoot cover, I’m not sure, but whatever it was added up to 100% pure beauty.
  • Laying in bed one night after moving into my sister’s house following a particularly painful break up. That night, instead of falling asleep with the drone of the television as my soundtrack, or distracting myself by writing in my journal or reading a book, I decided to lay in my bed of sorrow, missing him and his cat and our time together. At that moment I felt the earth shift when I realized that even though he had ended it, despite how angry and sad and even humiliated I felt, he was right. It hadn’t been working. Neither of us had been happy at that time and much of the pain I was feeling about it was the bruise my ego received from the blow. It was the first time I remember crying real tears. Tears that are less about omgomgomgwhatamigoingtodo and more about ouch that hurt. I could almost feel the sorrow attach itself to those plum, salty tears and fall on my pillow which left a slight stain once they dried up and evapourated but disappeared after a good wash.
  • In Paris, in 2000, B and I went on a guided walk out of a book call, Paris Walks (how clever), based on the life of Samuel Beckett. The walk lasted for hours, winding us through city streets and cemeteries. We talked about life and death and stopped on the way to sip on a beer or café noisette (mmm). It was the kind of day where unusual things were happening – like when B was telling be about a book (by Beckett) he was reading just as we passed by a bookstore and someone was placing that very book in the window. Freaky. By the end of the walk, night had fallen. B and I sat on a bench along the spine of the Seine and I’m pretty sure that was the moment B fell in love with me (I had already fallen), with the lights of the Eiffel Tower sparkling in the background.

I am happy to say I find many of life’s moments to be miraculous and magical.  The way the human body functions. Taking off and landing in an airplane. Traveling across the country in a matter of hours. The varying shades of the blue sky. The way a flower opens. Thinking of someone and then the phone rings and there they are. Numerous natural phenomena from the wonders of the world to the leaves changing colour in autumn, to a tree shooting leaves out again at springtime. So many of the things we take for granted on a daily basis can make me dizzy with fascination.


And, now I’m off to work. Talk about scary.

Happy Halloween.


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