34) Un Peu de Paris à Toronto

November 7, 2010

La Merceria.

A chai latte with soy.

After my french class the other day I found myself enjoying an impromptu mini-visit with my sister, sitting on what might be the tiniest patio in Toronto. I had my coat shrugged on to the back of my chair, with my head tilted back and up towards the sunshine. Trés formidable. That beginning of November sunshine made it feel a lot more like spring, which is exactly what I had in my step after tossing back a delicious espresso macchiato. Afterward, I made my way to Jules Bistro to grab a bite on my way to work. My day seemed to have un thème français, making me think of a few of the places in Toronto that leave me yearning for a trip to the City of Light. But really, what doesn’t.

Here are a few of the french offerings here in the city at the top of my list. Let me know if you have a handle on something I need to check out.

List 34 – French in the City.

La Merceria – La Merceria is technically dubbed an “Argentinian Cafe & Home Accessories Shop”, but strolling through this petite shop/café seemed to whisk me away to France. If I had the bank roll I’d buy almost every item in this store. I love La Merceria’s blog too, and most of their “Favourites”. These people have taste. Swoon.

Jules Bistro – I’ve eaten here a few times. Not as much choice for the me since I don’t eat meat (at all) or wheat (for the most part). I do, however (at least for now), eat fish and have had the Saumon Grillé and, on more than one occasion, have dug into the Salade Nisoise. Mmmmm…..

Didier – I dined at Didier’s last winter during Winterliscious and had an amazing lunch with a fantastic glass of red topped off with great service. I ask you, what more could you ask for?

La Palette – I celebrated one of my best birthdays at this restaurant located in one of my favourite nabes in the city, Kensington Market. I just heard it will soon to close its doors at this location but don’t panic(!), they’ve relocated on Queen Street West. I just perused the menu on-line and notice there is not much choice these days for a girl like me. This place is meat/dairy heavy – as is the want of many a French resto.

Patchou – I haven’t stopped in to Patachou’s since I gave up wheat (why torture myself) but used to pop into this sweet patisserie whenever I returned from Paris (once in 2000, then in 2005) in order to ween myself off from the ridiculously high number of chausson aux pommes I consumed, while away, on a daily basis.

Petite Thuet – For the same reason as I mentioned above, I usually only stop in here to buy gifts, such as, pain au chocolat or the almond croissant, for a special someone. I work fairly close to one of Petite Thuet’s locations and find it trés difficile to walk by without stopping in.

Alliance Française de Toronto – It is true that most of the things in Toronto that remind me of Paris involve eating or drinking (see the France section at the L.C.B.O.). But, if you want to slip into a bit of the French culture I suggest you pay a visit to L’Alliance Française, or, check out their Calender of Events. L’Alliançe is constantly offering events in Toronto reflecting the french way of life. They also usually have some interesting photos hanging in the gallery at their Spadina location. I’ve been visiting that gallery for years and am rarely disappointed.

Since I often have the travel bug it’s always nice to slip away, even when I’ve only got a few dollars and couple of hours to spare.

Bon vivant et bon appétit!


2 Responses to “34) Un Peu de Paris à Toronto”

  1. Mommy X said

    Amazing list…thanks for sharing. I’ll add one more, Rahier Patisserie on Bayview Ave.


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