Art for art’s sake

November 18, 2010

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Yesterday, it was actually more like art for my sake.  I sometimes feel a very strong desire to surround myself with some creative energy. So I took myself on a date to the Art Gallery of Ontario to allow myself hang with some hangers. I do find it difficult to stroll around the AGO without dropping my jaw at how beautifully Frank Gehry transformed that building into a work of art. Besides snapping a few of the AGO curves, I spent most of the three hours perusing the Julian Schnabel show hanging on the fifth level of the gallery and the At Work: Hesse, Goodwin, Martin exhibit on the floor below. Lots of interesting stuff to take in but after a couple of hours I like to call it a day. I usually go an hour beyond my mind’s absorption point because I feel as if I might miss something fabulous just around the corner (tell me about it). My mind get a bit gooey after a few hours of art-gazing which can defeat the purpose of rejuvenation. I must plan another rendez-vous avec moi toute suite.

And, speaking of art gazing, before hitting the AGO, I slipped in at the Ontario College of Art and Design to check out what was going on at the Whodunnit? Mystery Art Sale. This is a fund raiser the college does every year. You should check it out, just steer clear of the pieces I’m interested in.


One Response to “Art for art’s sake”

  1. Angela said

    Shots; Series; Share;

    Love it all.

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