November 21, 2010

Spotted in Grange Park, behind OCADU, while waiting for the sale to begin.

Yesterday morning, even though I debated over whether or not to go, I found myself at OCADU the Ontario College of Art and Design University (that is quite a handle that seems to get longer every few years) for the annual Whodunnit Mystery Sale. This is a fund raiser, for the bizarrely designed art school (I’m all for supporting creative minds but sorry, I am not a fan of that rectangular creature hovering over McCaul St) that raises money by selling several 5 x 7 works of art for $75. The name of the artist is not revealed until after you buy the work of art. Thus the whodunnit moniker. Personally, I love this idea. If you like the piece then buy it. You might get an added surprise when you discover who made it. The could be a student, teacher, celebrity? Who knows?  Check the website for the details if your interested in partaking next year.

The sale started at 10am and I arrived on the scene at 8:15 to secure my place in line. The number handed to me was… 108. Thud. I had two main choices and three on my back up plan in case one or both sold. There were over 1500 pieces to chose from and were on view since Wednesday. Once the sale began all of the choices were projected on a wall and you could see which works had sold and who the artist was. I felt excited sitting there waiting, each time my choices came around, to see whether or not they had been sold. I am happy to say I bought the two I was hoping for. One is a painting of a marsh and the other is a photograph if some flowers. I actually surprised myself with my rather tame choices but I’m pleased with them because first and foremost, they are both lovely works and second of all, I did want to support the school since it has contributed to the creativity flowing through the minds of a few very talented artists I know.

You can check out the pieces that were on sale, here , if you want to see what I purchased. The numbers I chose were 41 and 592. The three that sold from my back up plan were 13, 398 and 514. I was told that by tomorrow the artists names will be included on the site. I also wanted to mention, that considering how many people came out to the event, it was incredibly well organized. I was out of there by 10:45. Nice.


One Response to “Whodunnit?”

  1. Angela said

    Oh my! How exciting! I love that vibrancy in the pieces you “won”! Love #398 as well… swooning…

    Don’t know how one can pick from so many options… a learning process I suppose… would have liked to be there to see how they organized it so well…. 45 minutes? That’s impressive.

    Glad you enjoyed; glad you bought art!

    I like their building.

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