November 25, 2010

The rising sun shedding some light on natural beauty.

I certainly haven’t been spending as much time as I would like to here these days. The morning seems to move at a pace that has me running just to keep up. I make it to the pool and trail at least once a week (better then nothing) and this has been a very good thing. It can be tough going, in the morning, breaking the seal of my duvet, but once I am out that door it feels good to be walking, swimming, whatever it is that gives my head some space. This change of weather can get to me. The windows are closed and the days are shorter. It takes me a bit of time to adjust. My body feels tired and sluggish and a my mind a bit too tight. Breathing in that crisp air at the start of the day can only make me feel a bit more… like me.

No matter how much fog, clutter or confusion I hide behind or am buried under, at the base of it all, I always know where to find me. Seriously, there are days I have no clue who I am and at times like that, I must breath, stay calm and gently focus otherwise what is most obvious can be extremely difficult to see.


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