35) Imaginary Flop Day

November 27, 2010

A cold and dreary wind blows out my window.  If I could have my way I would stay in my jammas and spent the entire day inside.

List 35 – Things I’d do if I didn’t have to go to work today:

  • Have an all day film fest at the best venue in town… my couch.
  • Brew a pot of tea (peppermint, ginger, chai?), pull the covers up to my shoulders and dig into a great book. I’m itching to re-read The Year of Magical Thinking. I just saw the play at the Tarragon Theatre with the lovely and amazing Seanna McKenna.
  • Take a nice long, hot shower.
  • make a second coffee.
  • day dream.
  • Make a few long distance phone call/ figure out how to use Skype.
  • Grab a stack of New Yorker Magazines and dig in.
  • Pull out my knitting project from last year. This is a perfect day to get back into it – if I had the day off.
  • Give myself a luxuriant mini/pedi. A real splurge (for me) would be if someone else did it for me but that would entail leaving the house.
  • Do a bit of blog surfing on the net. I have to admit I love to do this but it can be a real time zapper and difficult to justify when I have so many other things to accomplish.
  • Hang out at TV5 MONDE in order to allow the french language to sink into my system. I try to hit this site about five days a week, usually on my lunch break, but it would be nice to spend more then twenty minutes in an attempt to hone my comprehension skills which, if I say so myself, needs a lot of sharpening.
  • Snuggle with B.
  • Snap my pod onto the Bose and listen to some music. Loud.
  • Order in.
  • Snooze.
  • Watch a few hours of bad television. A Flipping Out marathon maybe? Or, some not so bad… Like a few back to back episodes of Law and Order (only the original series even though it got canceled), Rescue Me (Dennis Leary. Enough said.), Sex and the City (the series – which I’ve seen a few times -not a huge fan of the films though.), The Larry Sanders Show (finally out on d.v.d. I need to get my hands on them!) Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, The Chris Isaak Show. I’d also love to check out a few I’ve never seen before like In Treatment and Entourage to name a couple.

Here’s a clip of Rescue Me to keep you warm. This clip could be construed as offensive to just about everyone and contains some foul language. It is not politically correct. The best way to watch a show like this is marvel at the writing (and all the hottie hots in the cast) and don’t take things too seriously.

What?!! I just looked out the window. I didn’t realize it was snowing…

And on that note I’m off to work.


One Response to “35) Imaginary Flop Day”

  1. me said

    What a delicious day!

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