Gone Fishing…

December 29, 2010

I reeled this one in from the archives, taken in Jasper, Alberta over a year ago.  I certainly haven’t been snapping as much as I’d like to these days – pictures that is.

I’m off from work today (yipee!) and amidst a few loads of laundry, several mini fist fights with some mighty dust creatures and (hopefully) a couple of batches of cookies, I plan to head outdoors for a much needed boost to my creative drive. As a friend and I were discussing the other day, we’re almost looking forward to this festive time of years coming to a end if only to stop the excessive drinking and binge eating. And I wish I could say it was due to endless party invites and social get gatherings (or do I?). The venue I’m referring to, in relation to all this seasonal imbibing, is my couch. It seems any excuse to let myself “go” is welcome. However, I’m to begin feeling just a wee bit run down and bloated (yes, baking cookies is the ultimate cure) and my head needs a good shake (again) to clear out the fog. Despite the gray skies hovering above me I plan on taking advantage if this incredibly mild weather and inhaling some fresh, winter air. A good stroll on a trail in the city is on my agenda and I’m packing my camera along as my silent companion because I seriously need to wade through these murky mind waters and get my creative self flowing again.

Yes, I think I’ll jump right in.


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